Writing a Winning essay in Three Easy Steps

Posted: November 08, 2016 - to UK Essays

Writing an essay, especially if you’re new to it, can seem pretty daunting. It’s actually a simple process, and when broken down into these three easy to understand steps, it becomes clear that anyone can write a winning essay.

Step One: Choose your answer

Let’s say for example, your lecturer asks you to write an essay on the following: The Hunger Games – which is better? The books or the movies?

Firstly, choose your answer. Both mediums have their plus and minus points, but for the sake of this article, let’s say you chose the books.

You now have the first sentence of your essay – “The Hunger Games’ books are much better than the movies.”

The statement is simple and effective and shows exactly what you will show in your essay.

Step two: Write your thesis

Follow on from your first sentence with your thesis, for example, “The books are better than the movies for three reasons”.

Of course, you can choose to have more points, but three is a good number – it shows you’ve taken some time to consider your options, and it doesn’t overwhelm the reader with reams of facts.

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Step three: Proving your thesis

This is the main body of your essay, where you will provide your argument to prove your thesis. You now need to come up with your three reasons. For example:

  • Reason one: The books have more detail
  • Reason two: The relationships between the characters are better defined
  • Reason three: The books don’t show the behind the scenes parts which keeps an element of mystery.

Now you have your three points, look at the required word count. Remove the introduction you have already wrote and allow some words for your conclusion. Now, divide the remaining figure by three, and that’s how many words you need for each point.

Now it’s a simple matter of expanding each of your points. Why did you choose each point? How does it relate back to and illustrate your thesis?

Once you’ve done that, reassert your thesis and your key points to conclude the essay and back up your premise. And it really is that simple.

If the essay has a particularly large word count, or the lecturer requires more than three reasons, this template can still be used. Just remember to change the word “three” to the correct number at the start of your essay!

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