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Customers and visitors are officially informed that we may use cookies, web beacons, and other technologies when they interact with us, electronically through any channel. This includes our websites, tools, apps, messaging, or other services. The same is true if they choose to engage with any individual or entity acting on our behalf.

The following paragraphs detail our use of these technologies. Specifically, we detail how and why we use them. It is our hope that this document will provide sufficient information. However, we invite anyone with further questions to contact us.

In addition to reading this document, we encourage everyone to familiarize themselves with our other policy documents. This includes our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use pages. We are available for questions at

Defining Web Beacons, Cookies, And Other Related Technology

When you access as well as many other websites, small files are downloaded to the device you are using. This may be a laptop, smartphone, tablet, desktop PC, or other devices. These files give OxEssays the ability to track information about your interactions with our website, apps, etc. These files are normally referred to as “cookies”. We use them to ‘remember’ you when you interact with us multiple times. Here are the different types of cookies we may use.

Persistent Cookies: These cookies remain on your computer even after you leave our site. This is how we remember your preferences. Persistent cookies also contain information that are shared across multiple sites.

Session Cookies: These cookies only contain information about your current session. They disappear once you exit.

Third Party Cookies: These are cookies that are placed by third parties. They are not placed by the site you are visiting.

First Party Cookies: These are cookies that are set by the website you are visiting. We use these to retain your information after you leave our site. For example, if you leave a website, return, and it remembers your name or site preferences, that is usually because of first-party cookies.

Web Beacon: These are small files that are designed to work with cookies. These are used to recognize returning users. They also collect anonymous data on their on-site behavior.

Other Related Technologies: This includes Flash and HTML5 cookies, objects shared between browser sessions, items held in local storage, and other technologies. These items are not managed by individual browsers. Instead, they have to be maintained at the device or app level. In no way do we use these technologies to store information or for the purpose of targeted advertising. This applies to both our sites as well as others.

Consenting to Use of Cookie

Our web pages and other online content cannot function properly without the use of cookies. Because of this, in order to access our website, personal cabinet, use messaging systems, or otherwise interact with OxEssays, you provide explicit consent to our use of cookies, web beacons, and other related technology. In the event that you do not want to provide this consent, you may adjust your browser sessions to block cookies and other technologies.

Websites using cookies may require you to fill out personal information such as your email address, name, and user preferences. When you complete this information it is stored in a cookie and downloaded to your browser. This information is stored for later use. When you visit that website again, the cookie is uploaded from the browser to that web server. The cookie is sent back each time you visit a new page on that website.

The Cookies And Web Beacons we Use

We use these files and technologies for a variety of reason. In general, they are necessary to ensure that our website and services work as we intend them to. They may also serve to provide additional functionality. To go into further detail:

Some cookies and beacons are essential or strictly necessary. These allow you to navigate a website, access gated areas and do things like view order details. If these cookies are not used, those services are no longer available. These cookies are not the kind that gather identifying information about you. These cookies must be accepted in order to use or/and navigate our website. These are not used for marketing purposes. If you block these cookies we cannot guarantee that our pages will load correctly if at all, and we cannot guarantee any security.

Performance cookies also do not collect any identifying data. Instead, they are used to collect usage information about your visit, and whether or not you encounter any errors. They are used to help us improve the functionality of our website. They also help us to understand how our users navigate our website, and use the functions we offer. We collect anonymous data via these cookies. Using our site or engaging with us online in anyway requires that you accept these cookies. Failure to do so can result in poor performance, errors, and loss of security protections.

First And Third Party Advertising Cookies: We use these cookies to deliver content, advertisements, and product-related information that are relevant to your interests. This may result in advertisements being visible on our site or on other websites. This technology allows us to show you offers that are relevant to you as well as other content. It also allows us to measure the effectiveness of our advertising efforts.

We may hire the services of 3rd parties to offer content, tools, or other functionality. These authorized parties may also place cookies, beacons, and related technologies on your devices. These are 3rd party cookies. These cookies may collect data about your device and IP address.

You may block cookies and other similar technology by turning the block cookies feature on in your browser. For more information on how to manage/block cookies, please check these links:

Just remember that using browser settings to block all cookies can have unexpected results. Websites, including may not function as designed. If you delete but do not block cookies, new cookies will simply be reinstalled when you visit websites again.

Refer to your specific browser for more information on handling cookies.

In the event that you wish to withdraw the consent that you explicitly gave regarding cookies and other technologies, you will need to manually delete and block installed cookies.

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