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OxEssays.com – Terms of Use

This document has been created so that users of products or services of OxEssays.com may understand the legal agreement that exists between the company (OxEssays.com) and them. Once a user accesses the OxEssays.com website, s/he shall be legally bound by these Terms and Conditions. We shall assume that every visitor to the company site has reviewed these conditions and has agreed to them. Should there be any part of these Terms and Conditions with which a user disagrees, then that user should exit from the site without purchasing any products or services.


So that there is common understanding of the terms that will be used in this document, we are here providing the following definitions:

  1. OxEssays.com: also referred to as the “Company, We, Us, and Our.” All of these terms shall refer to OxEssays.com, its owners, administrators, employees and affiliates.
  2. Customer: Refers to any individual who purchases products or services from OxEssays.com. Other terms that also apply are “You, Your, Client, Student, Person, or Visitor.”
  3. Order: Refers to any product or service which is ordered by a customer, who provides payment for that product or service. Other terms include, “Product, Service, Deliverable, Work Product.”
  4. Contract: Refers to these Terms and Conditions and other policies which the Company creates and publishes on its website.
  5. Balance: Refers to any amount of money that a customer may have on account with the Company to be used toward orders of products or services.
  6. Discount: Refers to an amount that is deducted from the cost of products or services and that is published on the company website or that is offered individually to any customer.

Personal Use Only of Products/Services

OxEssays.com creates original writing products and performs research and other services based upon orders received by its customers, who pay for such orders. All customers understand and agree that any products received from the Company are for their personal and private use only. Further they agree that they shall not sell, share, or otherwise distribute any products they receive from OxEssays. Should any customer violate this condition, the company will not be liable for any consequences, personal or legal, that may result.

Legal Jurisdiction

OxEssays.com is a legally registered business that operates within the jurisdiction of the laws in which its corporate headquarters resides. All customers are responsible for knowledge and understanding of the laws within their own jurisdictions that would relate to their purchase of products or use of services offered by OxEssays.

OxEssays.com Products and Services

OxEssays provides original products and services to its customers. In the performance of this business, the company contracts with and employs professionally qualified researchers, writers and other support staff.

The customer agrees that all products and services are for personal use only and that neither the company nor any of its contractors or employees condones dishonesty, academic or otherwise, in the use of its products or services. Should a customer incur consequences as a result of the use of company products or services, OxEssays assumes no responsibility for such consequences.

All customers additionally agree to indemnify and hold harmless OxEssays in the events of personal or legal consequences that result from unethical or illegal use of its products or services.

OxEssays Policies

In the course of conducting its business, the company has created and published specific policies. These policies are available on its website, and it is the customer’s responsibility to review and agree to these policies. Use of any company services or purchase of any company products or services constitutes agreement with all OxEssays policies. The following policies are published on the company website:

  1. Money-Back Guarantee: This policy describes and explains the conditions under which partial and/or full refunds shall be provided.
  2. Disclaimer: this policy describes and explains customer rights and responsibilities in the purchase of OxEssays products and/or services.
  3. Privacy: This policy explains the measures taken by OxEssays.com to protect the personal and financial information of customers, as well as the types of information the company collects.
  4. Revisions: This policy explains the conditions under which OxEssays will provide revisions to products that customers have purchased and received.

Customer Ordering and Company Delivery Process

The following process is in place for customer order and receipt of products and services:

  1. Customer places order on the prescribed order form contained on the OxEssays.com website. Customer is responsible for providing all details regarding the order.
  2. Company calculates a price for said order.
  3. Customer make payment for order utilizing the shopping cart process, via any approved payment methods indicated on the site. Customer agrees that no work shall being on any order until payment in full has been received by the company.
  4. Company shall send a confirmation email to the customer. Customer is responsible for reviewing all order details and ensuring that they are correct.
  5. Company shall assign the most appropriate researcher/writer/editor to the customer order.
  6. Customer shall have a personal account portal through which s/he may communicate with the assigned professional and/or the company support staff. As well, contractors and employees of the company shall use this portal to communicate with the customer. It is the customer’s responsibility to check his/her personal account page for any messages from the company and/or its staff.
  7. Customer agrees to name and/or provide resource materials, if such resource materials are necessary for order completion. In the absence of such provided materials, the assigned professional will select the most appropriate materials to complete the order.
  8. If orders are delayed due to customer neglect to regularly check his/her account portal messages, the company shall not be responsible for such delays.
  9. Should technical difficulties beyond the control of the company occur (power or Internet service outages, etc.), the company shall not be responsible for delays in product completion and/or delivery.
  10. All products are delivered to the customer through his/her account portal. It is the customer’s responsibility to check the portal for delivery, to review the product(s) and to either approve or request revisions within the time frames established by the company’s revision policy.

Amendments to Terms and Conditions

OxEssays.com may alter these terms and conditions in any way it deems appropriate and necessary for the operation of its business. When amendments are made, notification of such shall be on the company website It is the responsibility of the customer to review any changes that have been made. All changes go into effect upon publication of them on the company website, and customer agrees to be legally held to such changes.

Third-Party Links

Customers will find links to third-party companies and organizations on the company website. Should a customer choose to access any of those links, s/he understands that the policies and protections of OxEssays.com no longer apply. It is the customer’s responsibility to review the policies of any third-party sites to which he navigates from the company website. Further, the company bears no responsibility for consequences as a result of customers accessing third-part sites from its site.

Entire Agreement

These Terms and Conditions, as well as the policies and information contained on the OxEssays.com website, constitute the entire agreement between the customer and OxEssays.com. No other agreements shall take precedence over these documents.

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