Why the UK is Attractive to International Students

Posted: August 30, 2017 - to UK Essays
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For decades now, the UK has been an extremely popular destination for students across the world. Every year, students flock to cities across the biggest channel island in search of a higher education that will help them to land the job of their dreams. But why do so many individuals make the journey to the UK and its education system?

In 2015 alone, over 463,000 students were accepted into universities across the country, a record-breaking number that has only increased year on year. Today, we’ll explore a few of the many reasons as to why people flock to the UK education system.

Quality of Education

Renowned throughout the world, one of the biggest contributing factors to the voyaging students is the quality of the UK education system.  According to 2015 statistics, four out of the top six universities in the world are based in the UK, in addition to the centuries of academic excellence that the world prides the country on. On top of this, qualifications achieved in the UK are recognised across the world, meaning any subject and grade can be taken to any other country to benefit them when it comes to job roles and opportunities.

Modern Approach to Teaching

The UK is famous for its modern-day teaching practices. Lesson and lectures will contain a mixture of theoretical, hands-on and conceptional practices, allowing students to explore the ins and outs of each topic they choose to study rather than the mundane approach of traditional classrooms. In addition to this, online courses such as The Open University has now made it easy for students to complete a British style of learning, no matter where they are in the world.


Another one of the most important factors, English is a renowned language that is taught and spoken in nearly every country in the world. Whether you are travelling from, becoming educated in the UK can dramatically boost your skills when it comes to learning the English language fluently, a vital skill that can be used in any aspect of life. It doesn’t matter whether you know English at all or not, the UK is home to affordable and easily accessible classes to help you if you want it.


Despite not concerning the majority of international students, according to some UK studies, the cost of the UK higher education system is relatively inexpensive, especially when compared to education systems such as the US. In some cases where a budget is considered a problem, you can even apply for subsidised loans or finance options.

After Education Opportunities

The UK is renowned for being one of the leading capitals of the world. No matter what degree or subject you are studying, from art or music to law and science, the UK is home to a wealth of businesses and organisations that proactively employed graduates for their skills and knowledge. If you are proactive in your learning and searching, it’s not uncommon to find a work placement or apprenticeship in a leading industry company where you can grow your skills and your knowledge once more.