Money Back Guarantee Policy – Money-Back Guarantee

It is rare that OxEssays has a request for a refund. When we deliver a product to a customer, it is of highest quality and meets the specific requirements that the customer has set. As well, we have a communication procedure in place that allows customers and their writers to speak directly throughout the process. When the final product is delivered, moreover, the customer has the right to review it and to request any revisions within a 7-day period of time. Our goal is customer satisfaction, and we meet that goal consistently.

In the rare instance in which there might be a request for a refund, we have established this policy to outline under what conditions such refunds may occur. Customers should review this policy so that they understand their rights and responsibilities with regard to refunds. Customers agree to be bound by this policy as they use the services.

Order Errors

When customers place orders, we request that they complete the order form in full, supplying all of the details of the order request. We use these details in assigning the appropriate researcher/writer/editor to the order.

Once the order has been received and paid for, we send a confirmation email to the customer with the order details included. It is the responsibility of the customer to check the order details again, to ensure that they are accurate.

Should a customer discover that s/he has made an error in the order, it is critical that the company be notified immediately, so that changes can be made. If errors are discovered after the company has already assigned a writer and that writer has already begun work on the order, there may be an additional charge to make the changes.

Refunds will not be provided for products that are the result of customer error in order details.

Order Cancellation

On occasion, customers may find it necessary to cancel an order. The following refund policies shall apply in this event:

  • A full refund will be provided if the customer has placed the order and we have not yet assigned the order to a writer
  • Should a customer need to cancel an order after that order has been processed and assigned to a writer, a pro-rated refund amount shall be determined based upon the amount of work the writer has completed to that point. It is only fair that writers be paid for the work that they do.
  • Should a customer cancel an order after that order has been completed, the company cannot issue any refund.

Customers who must cancel and order and who will be issued a refund may place that refund amount in their accounts to be used toward a future order.

Duplicate Orders

Our system has checks in place that prevent the same order from being placed twice. However, in the very unlikely event that a duplicate order is received from a customer, we ask that the customer notify us immediately. Customers will know if they have placed an order twice, because they will receive two order confirmations.

The customer will be asked to supply us with the two order receipts that s/he has received, indicating payment for both, and we will immediately issue a full refund for the duplicate.

We again remind customers that any refunds may also be placed on account toward future orders.

Writer Unavailability

Only a few times in our entire business history have we been unable to assign an appropriate writer to an order. Our policy is very clear on this: we will never assign a writer who does not have the full qualifications to complete the order to our high standards for research and writing. In this rare event, of course the customer will receive a full refund. Further, we will issue to that customer a coupon for a large discount on his/her next order.

Another rare occurrence is the unavailability of a writer to complete revisions that a customer has requested. In this even, we will locate another writer with the same background and qualifications to complete those revisions. If a customer is not satisfied with an alternate revision writer, we will issue a pro-rated refund based upon the amount of revision that has been requested.

Deadlines Missed

When we accept an order from a customer, we also accept that customer’s deadline. We have over a 99% record of meeting or exceeding deadlines for our customers. When we miss a deadline, it is because the customer has failed to respond to requests from us, technical difficulties beyond our control, or an extreme emergency on the part of the assigned writer.

When a missed deadline is our fault, such as a writer emergency, we will issue a partial refund according to the amount of time the product is delayed. Further, we will issue a coupon for a discount on that customer’s next order.

Again, we urge customers to check their personal account page and their emails for any messages from their writer or from our support staff. We cannot be responsible for delays that occur due to failure of a customer to respond to our requests for additional information.

Issues of Quality

If a customer is not happy with the quality of research and/or writing, we will provide as much revision as necessary until that satisfaction is reached. Customers should review their final products as soon as they receive them and provide us with the details of what they want revised, using the “revisions request” button. As long as your request does not change your original order, all revisions are free.

You also have the right to request a different writer for your revisions, and we are happy to accommodate you.

If your revisions mean a change in your order, there will be a fee imposed, and we will need payment in order to complete them.

If you have issues with the quality of an entire piece, and are requesting a refund, we will submit your product to our quality control department. If we do issue a refund, we assume that you have not submitted the written piece anywhere, and we will use it as we wish.

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