Hacks For Studying Abroad In The UK

Posted: June 19, 2017 - to UK Essays

Every country has a different approach to higher education, and the UK is no different. If you're an international student, it can feel rather alienating, compared to your education in your home country. However, there are plenty of hacks that can help you get used to studying right here in the UK. Here are some of the most helpful hacks that you should know.

Learn to cook

Dining halls aren't common in British halls of residence, but you will have access to a kitchen. You'll need to have a few recipes under your belt that you can make for yourself when needed. It's a lot cheaper than eating out, and you'll impress any students who still don't really know how to boil an egg.

Get a UK mobile phone

Don't use your normal cell phone when you're in the UK, as you can rack up alarmingly huge bills faster than you can blink. Instead, buy a cheap phone to use in the UK. You can get very inexpensive monthly plans, as low as £5 a month if you buy a SIM only deal. This way, you'll save cash on communicating every month.

Take advantage of the student union

If you enjoy an alcoholic drink, then you must take advantage of your student union. This pub, located on campus, will sell drinks for cheaper than pubs outside the university. Remember, Brits buy their drinks in rounds, so when it's your turn, you'll be buying drinks for the whole group. When it's their turn, they'll buy you a drink. Just remember to drink sensibly, and be safe.

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Finals only happen once a year

Your final exams will only happen at the end of the academic year, in the summer. This is different than what you're used to, but don't worry. You'll still have the chance to get the credits you need, just as you would at home. Remember to save your notes throughout the year though, because you're going to need them.

Take advantage of online shopping

You won't be able to bring everything you need with you on the plane. Because of this, you should absolutely take advantage of online shopping. Find online bargains in order to get all the necessities you couldn't fit in your luggage, such as bed sheets or kitchen utensils. Amazon Prime offers a free trial too, so you can get your shipping for free.

Know where to go shopping

If you need essentials and want to get them yourself, there are a few stores that you must know about. Primark is the best for fast fashion and home ware items such as bedding and clothes hangers. B&M Bargains is another homewares store that offers some real bargains. And, of course, there's Poundland, which offers stationery and more for a pound per item. Remember, check items before you buy them, as you get what you pay for.

These tips will all help you fit in with UK university life. Put them to use and enjoy your time as an honorary Brit.

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