A Day in the Life of a UK University Student

Posted: July 13, 2017 - to UK Essays

You’ve done your research. You’ve chosen your subject and you’re in the process of setting up and preparing yourself to travel to the UK to become a part of one of the most renowned and famous education systems in the world. However, despite anything you’ve heard, the UK is an extremely diverse place, very different to other European cities and other countries, especially the US.

To give you a unique insight into what an average UK university life is like, read on to discover the day to day life of a UK student, giving you all the information you need to make it through your day to day life.

Every day is a New Adventure

And I mean that every day as a student is different from the day either side. One day you could be struggling to find your way to your lecture through thousands and thousands (literally thousands) of other students whilst another day you could be sitting on your university campus actually struggling to find things to do.

Everything you do revolves around the times of your lectures. The lectures won’t stop or wait for you, you’ll simply have to be late. Some days you may be starting at 8 am and working all the way through till 6 pm. If this is the case, it’s highly recommended that you start your day prepared. Grab yourself a rucksack or bag. Pack a lunchbox, water and everything you will need for that day as you simply won’t have time to return home to retrieve what you’ve lost.

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On the other hand, some days you may have a lecture at 8 am but then nothing until 4 pm that afternoon. If that’s the case, use your time off wisely. Complete any coursework or assignments you have. Socialise with friends or trying something new and explore the town or city you’re in. Depending on your subject, you may even have a couple of days off, giving you the opportunity to travel with friends to a nearby town or city, easily accessible by bus or train.

The Worst Kind of Day

The worst day you can expect is a day of lessons and lectures which are evenly spaced apart. This means completing a lecture, at say, 10 am, and then having a break till 11 am before attending another hour lecture and so on and so forth. This means you are constantly in limbo and don’t really have time to do anything productive in your hour off, socially or workwise. If you live nearby, you may have time to go home and have lunch or go to the library but if you live on the outskirts, you’ll have to find something else.

End of the Day

After you have completely finished your lectures at the end of the day, the rest of the time is your own and you really have the freedom to do what you want. Most universities will host events, some academic based and others socially related. This may include going to a pub, restaurant or a nightclub. Don’t think that UK students are put off by the day of the week as you’ll regularly see nightclubs and discos full of people, even during the middle of the week.

The best piece of advice for surviving each day of university is to be prepared and remain active. Keep your brain engaged and your options open.

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