Organizational Behavior & Human Resources Management

Posted: October 24, 2022

This paper entails an organizational behavior that influences the recruitment of the right employees based on the available positions, as well as ways of training the absorbed employees in order for them to acclimatize and be effective in the delegated roles and responsibilities. Apparently, most in the contemporary world fails to follow the necessary processes in ensuring the aspect of hiring the right employees, training them, as well as monitoring their performance.

The process of a company to succeed starts from the recruitment process. This means that the company has to establish the process of inviting individuals to apply for the vacant positions, conduct fair interview, and select the suitable employee based on his or her merit. Consecutively, everyone tends to be nervous when exposed to a new environment, and so are the newly absorbed employees (Bustos, 2016). This may negative affect their productivity within the organization. For this reason, it is necessary for organizations to consider the orientation of new employees, especially by mandating two or more existing employees to do so.

Consecutively, after the new employees have acclimatized to the delegated duties, it is necessary for managers to evaluate the performance of these employees, in order to identify their weaknesses early in advance, and provide measures or strategies for improvement. Nevertheless, managers need to recognize and appreciate the efforts of the employees, as this makes them feel valued as important assets of the organization (Srivastava, 2005, 34). In the long run, this makes the employees improve in their performances. Moreover, managers should make use of the performance record of employees while vital decisions such as promoting employees. Employees whose performance record history is good should be considered for promotion, as this sensitizes them to work even harder, so as not to frustrate their seniors.