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At Ox Essays, we have a 100% commitment to the highest standards in research and writing and to customer satisfaction with each and every piece of writing we produce. To accomplish this, we only hire professionals with academic degrees from established colleges and universities and we match every order to the type and level of degree of the writer we assign. We are also committed to continue to write and revise for each and every customer until they are thrilled with the final product they receive.

When a customer is not thrilled with his product, we want to know and we want to make it right. For this reason, we have created this Revision Policy. We urge our customers to read through this policy so that they understand their rights and responsibilities regarding requests for revisions.

Very Few Revision Requests

We don’t receive many revision requests because we have set up a line of communication between customers and their writers. When they communicate directly, the chances of getting everything right the first time are much greater. And, for lengthy pieces, writers send drafts of sections to their customers for approval before moving on.

When customers do submit requests for revisions, the process is simple. They use the button on their personal account pages and fill in the details of the changes they want. The writer then completes those revisions and sends the piece back for approval. We will continue this process until the customer is completely happy.

Please review this Revisions Policy so that you understand your rights and responsibilities.

How to Request a Revision

  1. You will receive your final draft in your personal account portal. You will also receive an email notification that it is has been uploaded. You can then go to your account page and open up the document. If the document meets with your approval, you click the “Approve” button and it is immediately made available for you to download to your own device.
  2. If there is something you want revised, click the “Revision Request” button and fill in the field that opens with the details of what you are requesting. Be clear so that your writer understands exactly what you want. You may also contact your writer directly or our customer support department with the request.
  3. Once the revisions are complete, you will receive another final draft and email notification. You continue with the same procedure until you have exactly what you want.
  4. You may also ask for a new writer to complete your revisions and we are happy to accommodate you so long as a qualified individual is available.

There are Deadlines for Revision Requests

Ideally, you will review your final draft and make your requests quickly, before ever clicking the approval button. However, we realize that sometimes customers may approve and take delivery and the discover changes they wish made. This is fine, so long as the deadline requirements are met.

  • In general, customers have 7 days after delivery to make revision requests
  • If the piece is more than 20 pages long, customer will be given 14 days for review and requests.

Most Revisions are Free

These are the circumstances under which revisions are free:

  1. Sometimes there is a mis-understanding regarding the instructions from a customer. In this case, revisions are always free. If, for example, the wrong number of references was used, or you asked for more or fewer pages, these things are the fault of the writer and will be fixed immediately.
  2. If you want the order in which points were made or some other structural changes, your writer will complete these for free. If you want an additional point added or a different point made in the conclusion, these are all free revisions.
  3. Because all final writings are checked by our quality control department, it is very rare that there are grammatical errors. However, if a customer should find any, they will be fixed at no charge.

Fee-Based Revisions

Sometimes, customers will request revisions for which we must charge a fee. Here are typical examples of these:

  1. In general, when a revision request changes the details of the original order, the changes will entail additional cost. Sometimes, a customer realizes that he did not provide some important instructions in the original order. Changing them now means that the writer must go back and re-work the piece. Because this entails all new work for the writer, we will have to analyze the request and assign a fee.
  2. If the customer has requested revisions after the deadline for doing so, then there will also be a fee assessed.

It is our goal to get revisions completed as quickly as possible, so that the customer’s deadline is not impacted too much. But when revisions require a fee, we cannot begin on them until that fee payment has been made. We urge customers to make those revision requests as quickly as possible, so that there are no unnecessary delays.

Being Proactive

We know from experience that the chances of needing revisions are greatly reduced if customers and their writers are in regular communication. We encourage our customers to stay in touch with their writers during the production process and to check their personal account pages regularly in case there are questions or messages.

If there should be anything about this policy that you do not understand, we ask that you contact our customer support department for more information. We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so that we may accommodate any time zone.

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