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Our Privacy Policy has been developed so that we can give visitors and customers complete transparency regarding the information that we collect when they come to our site, why we collect that information, and what we do with it. We also want our customers to know how we protect their personal and financial information when they provide it in completing orders.

We collect three kinds of information – aggregate and anonymous data, personal information that visitors and customers provide to access our information or services, and financial information that is provided by customers when they purchase products or services from us. Here are the details.

Aggregate and Anonymous Information

When visitors arrive at the website, we collect anonymous information that is grouped together in aggregates. Here are the types of information we collect, none of which involves any personal identification:

  • Every day we calculate the total number of visits to our site
  • We analyze how long each visitor stays on our site and on each page of our site
  • We look at which pages are most popular with visitors
  • We track dates and times of visits
  • We track which devices are used to access our site
  • We compare the browsers that are used
  • We compare number of visits to number of actual customers by percentage.

Here is why we collect this information:

  • We want to determine how we can improve pages on our site in many ways – speed of load time, content on that page, etc.
  • We make certain that the site loads quickly and is easily navigable on all devices
  • We want to repair any broken links or other technical issues that visitors are experiencing
  • We want to see where visitors leave our site with an eye to improving content on those “bounce” spots.

Personal Information that is Voluntarily Provided

Any visitor to our site has opportunities to request more information from us. When they do this, they provide their email addresses so that we may respond.

A large percentage of our visitors become customers. When that happens, they must provide their personal and contact information, including full name, email address and a working telephone number. We must have this information so that we can contact them directly and quickly if an emergency should arise that needs an immediate response from them.

Our task is to protect the personal information that visitors and customers, and we do so in two ways:

  1. We never distribute, sell, share or lease any of our visitor or customer information with any third-party.
  2. We have firewalls in place that provide the latest and most up-to-date technology. To date, we have never had a breach of our system. Further, part of our firewall system is encryption of all personal information.

When any customers become inactive, we purge their information from our system.

How We Use Email Information

We never send any information to visitors unless it has been requested. Sometimes, visitors request that we update them through our newsletter or with our promotions, and we do so.

Customers provide an email address so that we can contact them with order verifications, if we need clarification on details of their orders, if we are updating our policies, and to respond to emails that have been sent to us.

When a visitor decides to no longer subscribe to our newsletter or promotions, and when a customer wishes to be removed from our contact list, there are opt out provisions on every piece of mail we send out.

Customer Financial Information

We do not process customer financial transactions. Rather, we follow the same procedures that all major retailers do when customers check out and make payment. We have contracted with a trusted and SSL-certified third party payment processor – the same processor used by many major online e-commerce companies.

When financial information is entered, it is immediately encrypted by that processor, and we never see it. As stated before, there has never been a breach to our system. Payments for products and services can be made by major credit cards, PayPal, and wire transfer.

Third-Party Websites

Visitors and customers will find link to third-party websites on the OxEssays site. We have these links because they are to companies that have products and services our visitors and customers may have an interest in. We do not endorse any product or service that these companies may offer. Further, we do not encourage visitors/customers to link to them.

If anyone links to a third-part from our site, our Privacy Policy is no longer in effect, and we have no control over the privacy policies of these other sites. Navigating to one of these sites is done so at the full risk of the individual, and we are not responsible for any negative consequences that could occur.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

If we make changes to our policy, we will always place a notification on our site, and those who are on our contact list will be notified personally. Any change is effective upon its announcement.


If, after reviewing this policy, you have any questions, we ask that you contact our customer support department – it is open 24 hour a day.

If ever a customer believes that his/her information has been compromised through use of our site, we urge that person to contact us immediately. This has never occurred.

We are very serious about privacy and confidentiality – it’s a matter of professionalism and trust.

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