OxEssays.com – Disclaimer

This Disclaimer is written in order to lay out all of the rights and responsibilities the individuals have when they choose to become customers of OxEssays.com. Customers are reminded that with their very first order placement, they are subject to all of the conditions of this document as well as to all policies – Terms of Use, Privacy, Money-Back, and Revision – that are also published on the OxEssays.com website.

Please read through this document carefully.

Your Use of OxEssays.com Products

When you order and pay for products from our company, you do then own them. You do also however, agree to certain conditions of their use. You agree that these products are for your personal use only; you agree not to see, trade, share, or distribute them or to use them for any commercial purpose. You may not reprint them, except for your own personal use. You agree that your use of purchased products is for research and study purposes. Should you decide to use our products for any other purpose, and in so doing incur consequences, personal or legal, OxEssays.com is in no way responsible or liable for those consequences.

Contact Information

You agree to supply us with your correct personal and contact information, to include full name, email address and a telephone number. This information must be accurate so that, if we have to contact you, we are able to do so easily and quickly.

Cancelling an Order

Here are the conditions and policies regarding order cancellations:

  • Any order cancellation that is made before assignment to a writer will merit a full refund
  • Any order cancellation that is made after assignment to a writer will be reviewed. A partial refund will occur based upon the amount of work the writer has completed at the time of cancellation.
  • Customers always have the option to place refunds in their accounts to offset the cost of future orders.

When Resource Materials are Required for Products

When customers place an order for a product that required research, the writer assigned to the order will always locate and use the most appropriate and relevant resource content for the topic and the academic level of that customer.

When specific materials are required, the customer must identify those resources on the order form in the “special instructions” field. If those materials are readily available, the writer will access and use them.

If resource materials are not readily available, the customer has two options:

  1. The customer can upload the materials to his/her personal account page for access by the writer
  2. The customer can pay whatever access fees may be incurred to obtain those materials. No work can begin on the product until such fees are paid.

Order Form Completion

The order form has numerous fields to be completed. We urge customers to complete the fields carefully and to re-check the form before submitting it. We will use these details to assign the most suitable writer.

There is also a form field for any special instructions that may not be covered in the other parts of the order form. If there are specialized requirements, it is the responsibility of the customer to list these in this field. Without these special details, your writer may not produce exactly what you want.

Once your order is submitted and payment has been made, you will receive an account page and an order verification will be sent to your email. Please review this verification carefully to ensure that all of the details are correct. If there is an error, notify us immediately before we assign a writer.

Your personal account page will allow your writer to contact you if there are questions or a need for clarification. It is your responsibility to check your account page frequently so that you do not miss these messages. Failure to check can result in delays, and we are not responsible for them.

In the case of an urgent deadline or other emergency, we will always attempt to call you with our questions or need for clarification.


We have never delivered a piece of writing to a customer that has included any plagiarism. This is because we have sophisticated software to check for this before the product leaves our doors.

If you suspect that there is any plagiarism in a product you receive, you must contact us immediately, so that we may investigate. We also ask that you provide a scan report that confirms this plagiarism.

Technical Issues

From time to time, even though rare, there may be power outages and disruptions to Internet service, either on our end or yours. Obviously, these are beyond our control. If delays in production and delivery occur because of these problems, OxEssays.com is not liable or responsible.

Payment Expected at Time of Order

We have an easy checkout procedure that is processed by an SSL-certified third-party processor. Payment must be made at the time of order placement, and no work may begin on that order until payment has been received.

On rare occasions, your bank may ask for verifying documentation. In this case, we will telephone you and identify the documents that you must scan and email and/or fax to us. We will see that they are quickly forwarded to your bank. Please understand that you must provide these quickly, so there are not delays in your order progress. Failure to provide them can result in delays for which we are not responsible.

Delays in Completion

When you give us a deadline date, we honor that date. We do not assign your order to a writer unless that writer can assure us that it will be completed by your deadline.

If a delay is our fault – emergency on the part of a writer, for example – we will provide a partial refund based upon how tardy the product will be.

Other delivery failures are a result of customer behavior, to wit:

  • Customer has not responded to our requests for clarification or for more information
  • Customer has been slow to provide the resource materials or the fees to obtain those materials
  • Customer has not provided payment at the time of order or has not reacted promptly to requests for identify verification documentation.
  • Customer has requested changes to the order after the writer has already begun work.

Two Opportunities to Check Your Order

Mistakes on orders can result in a customer not receiving what he thinks has been ordered. It is easy to make mistakes, especially when drop down menus are used. It is your responsibility to check your order details two times:

  • Before you submit your initial order, check through the order page and be certain that every field has been filled in correctly.
  • You will have another opportunity when you receive your order verification in your email. Check all of the fields again at that time. Notify customer support immediately if you discover any errors. Delays in doing this can result in delay of delivery and additional cost.

OxEssays.com Customer Support

We maintain a support department of knowledgeable staff members, and we are available 24/7/365 to accommodate anyone at any time in any time zone. You may contact our customer service department via phone, message through your account page, email, or live chat. We are here to answer any questions and resolve any issues.


The legal authorities that have jurisdiction over our business are those in the locale, region, and country in which our corporate headquarters reside. We comply with all laws and regulations within this jurisdiction.

We cannot speak for your jurisdictions regarding your use of e-commerce websites. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are conforming to all laws that govern you where you reside. The company is not responsible for any lack of compliance on your part.


We have a very clear and carefully crafted policy on revisions. We urge you to review that policy, so that you know both our rights and your responsibilities when requesting revisions on a final product.

Communication = Success

We firmly believe that for customers to receive exactly what they want and for or writers to be successful in meeting customer needs, there must be regular communication. We have put into place all of the possible methods of communication that are currently known and available. We urge our customers to use them and to respond to our communications too.

If you have any questions about this Disclaimer, please contact our customer support department.

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